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How do we design Cities to prevent another Pandemic?

Film: How do we design Cities to prevent another Pandemic? | Disruptive Thinkers

Published: 13/01/22

Description: How can we design cities to prevent another pandemic? How do we engineer a city, its architecture and its infrastructure so that it works socially in an era of physical distancing? 

UCL PEARL Walkthrough

Film: UCL PEARL Walkthrough

Published: 21/06/22

Description: This video is a virtual walking tour through the PEARL facility. See what PEARL is like before you visit us in person!

Safer Scooters and Self-driving Cars

Film: Fully Charged Show: The secret to safe self-driving cars is buried in your subconscious...

Published: 1/05/22

Description: This episode of the Fully Charged Show features PEARL researchers and how we are helping create safer scooters and self-driving cars.

PEARL's Acoustic System

Film: The World in a Room | Immersive Installation for UCL PEARL

Published: 19/02/22

Description: Working with Arup’s technical specification, Adlib designed and supplied a system to allow the creation of real-life scenarios with help of L-Acoustics L-ISA Immersive Hyperreal Sound.

PEARL's Configurable Flooring

Film: PEARL's Configurable Flooring

Published: 14/01/22

Description: Babcock are proud of having manufactured the configurable floor system, as explained in the following video 

PEARL Urban Design

Film: PEARL Urban Design

Published: 23/07/21

Description: This video is part of our entry for the National Urban Design Awards 2021: Innovation  

PEARL and the World

Film: The building that will house the world 

Published: 01/06/21

Description: This video featuring PEARL was created by New London Architecture 

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