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Join us at the Sensory Supermarket!

Are you interested in learning more about how businesses and organisations could make places more enabling for autistic people with sensory processing differences? Want to learn some strategies and tips to use in your own business, organisation, public space or just in everyday life? Then join us at the Sensory Supermarket on the 19-20th of August at PEARL!

The Sensory Supermarket is a free event hosted by Sensory Street, a research project from the Universities of Oxford and Reading funded by the Wellcome Trust which explores what aspects of public spaces can be disabling for autistic people with sensory processing differences. It will bring together the findings from our focus groups and social media research to explore the sensory experiences of autistic people and what individuals and businesses could do to help make these spaces more inclusive and enabling. This event has been developed with input from the autistic community.

The event includes an immersive supermarket experience designed in partnership with Sensory Spectacle, as well as video presentations, information boards and more. The sessions are a self-lead experience, meaning you can spend as much or as little time exploring the space as you would like within your 45 minute time slot. There may be photography and/or video recording at the event. If you do not wish to be photographed/videoed please let us know.

Please note: Part of this event aims to create a heightened sensory experience of a supermarket based on quotes from autistic people. Multisensory stimuli such as loud noises and strong scents will be present which some people may find more challenging. There will be designated quiet spaces for those who may feel overwhelmed. For more information visit our website:

Getting there: We are aware that over the weekend Tube/National Rail strikes may cause travel disruption for some people travelling to the Sensory Supermarket. Please see our website to learn about our free parking for people travelling by car and alternate ways to get to PEARL if needed.

Book your free space now on Eventbrite here!

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