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Music Futures grants to conduct music-related research at UCL PEARL: now open!

UCL Music Futures is offering two grants of £5,000 to conduct music-related research at UCL PEARL (Person-Environment-Activity Research Laboratory). This is a unique opportunity to make imaginative use of the marvellous facilities and expertise at PEARL to pioneer new ways of working with music. Music Futures/PEARL are looking for research projects in which PEARL’s facilities are used creatively to pursue enquiry in ways that would not otherwise be possible. Although PEARL can work as a performance space, these Fellowships are not intended for it to be used in that way. We are looking for exciting, open and innovative projects, with the potential to continue and build. Projects should be collaborative and inter-disciplinary, to be carried out by small teams of researchers.

To apply, please visit the Pearl Fellowships website. The deadline for expressions of interest is this Friday, 20 January. We look forward to receiving your ideas soon!

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