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How Life-Sized Environmental Simulation can help your City

This presentation aims to provide an overview of how PEARL (UCL's Person-Environment-Activity Research Lab) can help cities to understand person-environment interactions through its unique ability to simulate urban environments at 1-1 scale. This includes the ability to control its lighting, acoustic, physical and smell attributes so that we can better understand how these different features might affect diverse urban populations in any given project. We will demonstrate how we have improved a variety of urban projects thus far which have focused on the impact of different environmental stimuli on various user groups. We will invite participants to bring their own urban issues and project ideas to the table. Together, we will explore how we might address these issues or test ideas at PEARL. We will end with an invitation for participants to visit PEARL in person and experience the life-sized simulation it has to offer their City.

Click here to register for the event.

This session is 1 hour long and will include a presentation and opportunities for discussion so please feel free to bring issues that you are facing where you think that perhaps life-sized simulations might be able to help.

Spaces in this session are limited to 50, so please register if you wish to attend.

For more info about the Smart Cities Expo and Tomorrow Mobility event at Fira Barcelona, visit Details

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